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Endometriosis Experiments (WIP)

Here are some of my recent experiments exploring Endometriosis, a hereditary disease where cells similar to those of the uterine lining are found in other parts of the body, such as the ovaries and diaphragm. This often results in profound pain, immobility, and potential infertility. 10% of women and people with uteruses in the U.S. are suspected to have Endometriosis, yet it averages 8+ years to receive a diagnosis. This new work is inspired by my own 6-year diagnosis journey, which was full of medical gaslighting, chronic pain, and inconclusive results. 


Since my diagnostic surgery in 2023, I’ve thought of Endometriosis as something passed from generation to generation, like a grandmother’s ring. However, Endometriosis is far from a beautiful object; it is painful and makes you feel broken. Despite the ugly realities of the disease, I keep coming back to the question “what happens if I position Endometriosis as an heirloom object cherished by each generation?” 


I am exploring this question through textile and craft. Not only do textiles have deep associations with “women’s work”, there are profound similarities between the action of making textiles (cutting, sewing, etc.) and surgery. I want to draw on these similarities to create objects that feel familiar and comforting yet uncanny and abject. 

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