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Conchas (2018)

15’x2′; Series of photos printed on 10 16″x24″ dish towels

During the summer of 2018, I asked my brother, who had been teaching himself how to bake a number of Mexican desserts, to teach me how to make conchas. When asked where he learned, he responded by sending me a link to a Rick Bayless Youtube video. This left me wondering what it means for a Latinx individual (my brother) to “relearn” a Mexican cultural process (in this case making conchas) via a non-Latinx “expert” (Rick) and then teach it to another Latinx amateur (me)? What is the falsity and authenticity within this exchange? What is lost and what is reclaimed? This photo series, paired with a short writing about my fascination with pan dulces long forgotten in my fridge, explores these questions by juxtaposing documentation from Rick Bayless’ Youtube video along with documentation of my brother and myself following along, making conchas.

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