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Personal Agenda (2017)

3.5″x5.5″ handmade agendas, 27 participants

I gave participants their own handmade personal agenda to record their opinions, ideas, and motives with the written agreement that, once complete, they will return their agenda to me. Included in each of the agendas was an itemized list of all of the expenses (material, equipment, and labor) that went into creating each agenda. By including the total cost of the agenda, I am asking participants to “match” the value of my labor and investment with their written contribution. By stating this expectation in this way, I was interested to see if and how each participant’s written contributions will be altered and how their entries would add to the total value of the object.



  1. Sign & return the contract below to me as soon as possible. I have included a stamped envelope with a return address.

  2. However often you decide, date and describe your ideas, motives, expectations, opinions, passions, dreams, perspective, experiences, thoughts, impressions, assumptions, conclusions, feelings, reactions, judgements, notions, stories etc. from the day onto the pages of your Personal Agenda.

  3. Once completed, either give your agenda directly to me, or mail it to me.

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