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Loomvoice (2017)

Varying Size; Invoices, cotton warp

Loomvoice is an attempt to reclaim artistic work time. I am fascinated by how time equates to work and work equates to value. I am especially interested in how different types of work define the perceived value of time, particularly when money is involved. Work tied to an hourly cost carries a sense of defined value, while the valuation of work within a subjective context is far less clear.

With Loomvoice, I take my invoices from freelancing as a graphic designer and weave for the time I billed for. Each of the weavings are 8.5 inches in width, with a variable length, depending on the billed time. By translating each invoice into weavings, I produce art objects that “equate” to some defined monetary value; however, is this relationship one of strict equivalence or is the defined monetary value a lower bound for the art object?

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