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Day Job (2016)


Day Job is a reinterpretation of All Nighter (2014). All Nighter was a public intervention that questioned the institutional roles of library space as well as higher education.

Day Job centers around similar ideas, however, instead of crocheting for 12 hours in a library setting, I crocheted the the same simple objects on a per-hour quota at my office for the length of a work day. I crocheted from 9am–5pm with one 30-minute lunch and one 10-minute break, per California labor laws. Balancing crocheting with my work tasks, I was interested to know how my intervention would challenge the idea of a day job. What risks are inherent by doing this at work versus a library setting? Because I often find inspiration from my day job, I was also interested in knowing how my artistic work would affect my daily work tasks.

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